Jun 20 2018

Cirque du Soleil Chicago

Briefly about the circus
Cirque du Soleil Chicago is a high-quality spectacular acting performances. The main stage is located in Montreal, Quebec (Canada).
Since its inception in 1984, Cirque du Soleil has been visited by more than 80 million spectators in more than two hundred cities on five continents. At the moment the troupe tours with 8 programs, and also demonstrates 7 stationary programs in different cities of the world. In the near future, the premiere of new programs will be held in Japan, Macau and Dubai.

Do you know?

Cirque du Soleil is known around the world for its groundbreaking performances, but here are facts you may not have known about…
Each bungee jumper costume in the Mystere show is hand-pasted with more than 2,000 sequins.
It takes about a month to make each hand-painted bathing suit from the “O” show.
In 2007, the costume workshop produced more than 20,000 costumes.
Every year, the costume workshop consumes more than twenty kilometers of fabric.
Since 1998, a team of shoemakers has manufactured and / or remade approximately 5,000 pairs of shoes.
Our prop Department often has to come up with their own props.
Employees of the Department have collected a collection of thousands of various items in which the skillful hands of the master can breathe new life…

An old toaster turned into a radio in a Quidam production
An empty two litre plastic bottle became an hourglass in the Dralion show
Electric drill batteries were used to power the lanterns in the alegria show
Mobile phone antennas and plastic toy snakes turned into tentacles and antennae in the Dralion show
Creative studio
Almost all of our artists attend courses of acting and acrobatics in the creative Studio.
The circus troupe has artists from nearly forty different countries.
We have about 20 coaches on staff from all over the world who conduct training programs for artists.
Direction of activity
For more than 20 years, Cirque du Soleil in Chicago has used its creative energy and unique approach to create a new form of entertainment for audiences around the world. Although Cirque du Soleil’s main focus remains the creation of original shows, the company also implements its innovative ideas in music, television, DVD, cinema, retail, work with patents and organizes other interesting projects.
Cirque du Soleil Images
Founded in 1999, Cirque du Soleil Twas the Night Before produces original television programs, DVDs and movies. In its products, the company aims to reflect the essence of Cirque du Soleil, giving the audience a completely new experience.
Cirque du Soleil Images has created works that have won numerous awards and accolades, including
• Award for best DVD recording in 2006 and Gemini award in 2005 for Midnight Sun
• Award for best DVD recording in 2005, as well as a major Emmy award and two Gemini awards in 2003 for Cirque du Soleil’s Fire Within
• Three major Emmy awards in 2000 for ” Cirque du Soleil in Chicago presents the Dralion show»
For more information on which productions were recorded on DVD, see “on screen”.
Cirque du Soleil Musique
Cirque du Soleil Musique is engaged in the creation, production and sale of music recordings relating to existing and planned Cirque du Soleil shows, as well as helping aspiring musicians from around the world.
For more information on which productions were recorded on CD, see “Music”.
Sale of goods and licensing
Cirque du Soleil is not limited to standard areas of commercial activity, entering into trade and licensing agreements with partners who adhere to the same strict standards of quality and originality as the company itself in the creation of its shows and other works.
Other areas of activity
Cirque du Soleil strives to implement interesting and innovative projects (in particular, in the field of official events) in cooperation with carefully selected business partners and to spread its creative talent to other areas. An example is the opening of the Beatles REVOLUTION Lounge, which allows you to experience even stronger sensations from watching the show LOVE.

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